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The Ol' Soft(ware) Sell
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Category: Image Management
Major stock photo agencies and leading brands, including manufacturers, e-tailers, movie studios, and other companies, use Digimarc ImageBridge solutions, and photographers and creative professionals use Digimarc MyPictureMarc solutions to safeguard their digital images, track distribution and usage of images, and boost licensing revenue. With digital watermarks, image owners can communicate copyright and prove image ownership; monitor images on the internet; integrate with digital asset management systems; and identify unapproved use.

Digital Anarchy
Category: Image Editing
Change the lighting in any photograph-with Knoll Light Factory 3.0, you can enhance lighting to produce dramatic effects or add in the natural highlights and glows that are missing. This Photoshop filter creates light that emulates lens flares, street lamps, headlights, the sun, and other sky elements. Knoll Light properties are fully customizable, and it's easy to get started with 100-plus flare presets. Version 3.0 introduces new tools, a simplified interface, a real-time Preview Window, and an integrated Light Editor.

Category: Image Editing, Processing
Primatte Chromakey 3.0 is the newest version of Digital Anarchy's powerful Photoshop masking tool for blue/greenscreen photography. Take an image shot against a single color; quickly replace that color with transparent pixels; then composite in any custom new background. Version 3.0 adds an AutoMask button that removes your color screen with a single click and works seamlessly with Action/Batches for processing large groups of photos. Version 3.0 also optimizes and improves Primatte's performance when preserving important, semi-transparent details like wispy hair and sheer fabric.

"For many years I used Photoshop to do cut-outs. Adding Primatte Chromakey to our production capabilities allows us to combine portraits with custom backgrounds of our clients' choosing, to create unique portraits without leaving the comfort of our studio. Our only limitation is our customer's imagination."-Neal Martin

DxO Labs
Category: Processing
DXO Optics Pro v5 features new demosaicing technology using a "nonlocal" approach to produce images with more detail and fewer artifacts, especially for low-light images. Combined with other proprietary techniques, this new raw engine produces highly detailed, natural-looking images. DXO Optics Pro v5's new raw conversion engine has been fine-tuned and optimized with the rest of DXO's automated image enhancement features (optical corrections, color rendering, exposure optimization, etc.) to produce world-leading results.

Category: Image Management, Studio Management
FileMaker Pro 9 is easy-to-use database software that helps you manage people, projects, assets, and more. Its powerful database and design help you work faster and securely share information with Windows and Mac users-over a network, across the web, and with popular formats like Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, and SQL.

"A client might call us from Europe, and they might say, ‘We're an ad agency working on an account for an international cosmetics company, and we'd like to see some images of female actresses, particularly Charlize Theron.' They can go into my FileMaker Pro database using a Web access code, and they could say, ‘We like images 14, 22, 67, and 28.' We can call up those images in our database and check if there are any restrictions on them or if they've been sold to other clients. If they're available, all the pricing is keyed right into the database."-Jim Jordan

Graphic Authority
Category: Image Editing
Graphic Authority creates professional quality tools for Photoshop. Choose from photo edges, brushes, effects, and templates to give your image an artist's touch. Discover infinite creative possibilities with the Studio Collection. Five years in creation, the Studio Collection contains 12 DVDs and two CDs full of high-quality graphics and templates.