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Studio Photography's guide to lighting equipment
Profoto has released a free CD designed to allow photographers to experience the quality of light from the entire line of Profoto light-shaping tools. This CD allows viewers to evaluate all the lighting accessories, as well as compare the effects of each one side-by-side to determine the right tool for any photographic assignment. To request a free copy of the "Master the Light" CD, visit the Profoto website.

Bob Davis

Qflash 5d-R is the latest evolution in Quantum's Qflash portable flash line. The new 5d-R series, used with Quantum's FreeXwire digital radio system, now supports wireless control of all dedicated camera-flash functions up to 500 feet away. Qflash 5d-R units blend seamlessly with Canon, Nikon, and other popular professional digital camera systems using Quantum's proprietary QTTL adapters.

When mounted to Quantum's new-generation Qflash 5d-R flash units, the Qnexus receiver/decoder "reads" wireless TTL signals directly from Canon and Nikon shoe-mount master flashes. Also from Quantum: the Turbo SC, a new, ultra-lightweight, ultra-slim, ultra-compact addition to Quantum's popular Turbo battery line. Despite its mini proportions, it provides up to 225 full-power flashes with Quantum's Qflash units, or 400 shoe-mount flashes, on a single 1.5-hour charge.

I used the QFlash for a recent portrait session (left) on location with a portable backdrop. The main light was a Qflash 5d-R modified with a Westcott Bruce Dorn Select Asymmetrical Stripbank. I was also hired by Eva Longoria and Tony Parker to photograph their fairy-tale wedding in Paris (published exclusively in OK magazine). I could not have done this shoot without my Quantum Qflash 5d-R and the Qnexus modules. I had to create beautiful light in a 14th-century cathedral without running cords and cables. The Qflash along with the Qnexus gave me dedicated control over the lights."
-Bob Davis, San Francisco, CA

The new Rololight SOFTBOX high-efficiency ballast boosts output by 50 percent. The new Rololight SOFTBOX now offers the option of more powerful fluorescent tubes called TL5 HO. The result is an additional 1/2 f-stop.

"I use Rololight SOFTBOX for weekly portraits, such as for law firms where I set up a location studio, or for magazine covers and inside features. Rololight's SOFTBOX, with a three-light kit, plus a spare-weighing in at only a few pounds-are a godsend. Rololight's continuous daylight light source means I'm not burdened by recycle times, which means I get far more frames to consider, increasing my chances of getting an image the subject is happy with."
-John Harrington, Washington, DC

Chuck Behrman

The D-Flector is a patent-pending portable photo studio that quickly unfolds into a tabletop background stand. The D-Flector comes in two distinct sizes: 20 inches wide, ideal for photographing small items such as jewelry, coins, collectibles, CD/DVDs; and 30 inches wide, for larger items such as electronics, toys, shoes, handbags, collectibles, and handheld tools. The Compact Tabletop studio light kit includes two mini studio lights designed specifically for tabletop photography.

"Having been an avid user of the original Sharpics D-Flector for more than a year, I was eager to get my hands on the new D-Flector and Compact Studio Lighting Kit. The new D-Flector Kit contains interchangeable backgrounds (a silvery reflective fabric for completely isolating objects and a reversible black/white) that quickly clip onto a new collapsible frame. This image shows (l to r) the reflective, white, and black backgrounds. The statuette images were all photographed within a period of less than three minutes using the identical light setup, plus a flash for the reflective background shot. The only image manipulations done were small adjustments in color temperature and exposure within the Bridge/Camera Raw dialog."
-Chuck Behrman, Los Angeles, CA

The all new Heat-Resistant Professional SoftBox Light is the ideal continuous light source for still photographers and videographers. The stand mounting bracket fits stands with a 5/8-inch stud; the tilting mechanism has an insulated handle and ratchet locking device. The soft boxes have heat vents and are made with a heat-resistant silver lining that can withstand the heat from 1,000-watt lamps for long periods of time. The texture of the silver lining allows the SoftBox Light to be used as a parabolic reflector by removing the diffusion panel. The heart of the system is the tungsten halogen linear lamp.

Sto-Fen Products
Sto-Fen Products started in 1979 and has become a leader in small flash bounce diffusion products. All units, except for the Universal, are custom-molded to fit the flash or flash groups they were designed for. The company has never used Velcro in any of its product offerings and will continue to make custom-designed units. Sto-Fen makes units for both the Canon and Nikon Twin Macro flash units, as well as (in most sizes) gold and green Omni units for light modification in the warming and fluorescent spectrum. The company has new products under development and will be introducing a unique product group this fall in time for the holiday gift season.