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Studio Photography's guide to lighting equipment

Chimera announces a versatile new three-lightbank concept: the Combi Lightbank Kits, consisting of three lightbanks with three different sizes and shapes, so you can control contrast, shape, and falloff of your light. All of the Lightbank Combi Kits are comprised of a small (24x32 inches) and medium (36x48 inches) Lightbank, plus a small (9x36 inches) Strip Bank. Also included is a Chimera ballistic cloth duffle bag to transport your kit.

Dedotec USA
The new collection of seven dedicated Dedolight soft lights offers the softer side of lighting instruments for the professional image creator. The term "dedicated" refers to the single-purpose design features of these soft lights, where the light source is located in the focal center of the soft box. This provides double the light output when compared to a soft box mounted to the front of a fresnel light, and eliminates the hot spot typically found on conventional soft boxes, supporting the desired wrap-around character of a soft source. The Dedolight soft light series includes five tungsten and two daylight models.

Kevin Ames

The new Comet CBm-1200 is a compact, lightweight 1200Ws battery-operated power pack for the location photographer. Boasting a recycling time of 2.8 seconds, the CBm-1200 can provide 220 full power flashes. With a 7-1/2 stop range, this two-head symmetrical/asymmetrical pack weighs only 16.1 pounds with both batteries loaded.

"Location photography was always challenging. Is there power for the lights? Will I need a generator? Is a crew available to handle it? Comet's battery-powered CBm-1200 completes my lighting kit. Now it's camera, laptop, Comet, and the shoot is on! Corporate clients love not worrying about power cords; fashion clients adore the flexibility. I'm delighted with the 1200Ws, fast recycling, and over 200-shot portability of the CBm-1200."
-Kevin Ames, Atlanta, GA

Scott Kelby

F. J. Westcott
Westcott introduces its new Spiderlite TD5 kits with fluorescent lamps. The kits come in a variety of sizes and includes everything you'll need to set up your studio: light heads, light stands, soft boxes, carry cases, and now fluorescent bulbs! Each kit also comes with a free instructional DVD.

"The first time I had a chance to work with the Spiderlite TD5, I was just amazed-it's like making time stand still. You can actually see the light patterns, detail, and dimensions right before your eyes. I've become something of a Spiderlite evangelist, because my job is to make photographers' lives easier and more fun."
-Scott Kelby, Oldsmar, FL

Doug Box

Larson Photographic
The Doug Box Special consists of a 22x22-inch soft box, a universal clamp, and a specially designed backplate that attaches to any shoe-mount flash unit. The unit is created for location portraits, producing a soft, even light source wherever you may be.

"I use this soft box as an additive main light outdoors (it adds direction to flat light); as the main light in sunset and sunrise images; as a second light at weddings; as the only light in most in-home portraits; as a "light matching" flash for sports and activity photographs; and as a kicker light in the studio! Needless to say, it is one of my favorite and most versatile pieces of lighting equipment. For this image, the sun was setting, and we didn't have much time. Out came the 22-inch Larson Soft Box equipped with my shoe-mount flash and a set of PocketWizards."
-Doug Box, Caldwell, TX

Daniel Herron