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Marketing Strategies Section I: Increase Your Profile
Powerful Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Business

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Kirk R. Tuck

Aaron Lindberg

Aaron Lindberg

Susan Rudeen Jarrett

Nels Akerlund

Nels Akerlund

I will continue to push solid website content and keep growing on the Internet to bring in more business. I have yet to create a direct mail campaign and have been happy with my success on the Internet. And it’s dirt cheap to keep my website running, since I do all my own website maintenance.

Aaron Lindberg, of Aaron Lindberg Photography (, in Kansas City, Kansas, has been in the photography business for four years. He specializes in portraiture, editorial, and advertising work.

Serving as Official Photographer Builds Business
Annual Water Festival Generates Wedding & Commercial Clients

by Susan Rudeen Jarrett

As a freelance photographer, one of my most effective marketing projects is serving as the official photographer for our annual Beaufort Water Festival.

For 10 years, I’ve covered daily events and activities at the weeklong festival, including soccer, golf, croquet, bocce, horseshoes, badminton tourneys, and rubber-raft races—as well as nighttime entertainment with acts including Josh Turner, the Charlie Daniels Band, the Kentucky Headhunters, Kansas, Confederate Railroad, and The Wreckers.

I am also responsible for providing images to magazine and newspaper feature sections, for posting daily uploads on the website (—the festival website received 67,000 hits last year—and for creating a photo album for the year’s head honcho, or Commodore.

This year we’ll have ads on the website. As a longtime volunteer, they’ll give me a reduced rate.

This volunteer community involvement has brought me 12 weddings directly and numerous others indirectly. From the festival that just ended, I picked up a wedding and a bar mitzvah for 2008. Earlier, I added two high-school class reunions and a major commercial shoot.

Other benefits, such as golf shirts, T-shirts, fun events, and backstage meetings with famous entertainers all add to the enjoyment of this annual project.

Susan Rudeen Jarrett, owner of Sue Jarrett Photographer (, of Beaufort, South Carolina, is a freelance photographer specializing in weddings, nature photography, and youth sports. In the business for more than 25 years, she shot her first wedding assignment at 16. She’s a graduate of the Newcomb College of Tulane University and the Hallmark Institute of Photography.

Teaming Up with Hospital Delivers Healthy Rewards
In-Hospital Portraits of Mothers-to-Be Boost Profile, Client Base

by Nels Akerlund

My father once told me if I wanted to start a business that never had a shortage of clients, I should open a grocery store or a funeral home: People will always need to eat and will always die. Not taking this to heart, I decided to become a photographer.

Having filed this advice away for many years, it resurfaced when a relative of my wife/business partner became pregnant. The session sparked the idea for maternity photography, an untapped market in our area. People will always be having babies.

Not wanting to use the typical regional marketing and advertising outlets for this clientele, we came up with the idea of approaching a large local hospital, where many of our target clients would deliver. Our proposal was to photograph, at no charge to the patient, all expectant mothers delivering at the hospital for one calendar year.

Interested mothers-to-be would be photographed predelivery, during delivery (optional), and once post-delivery, as a thank-you gift from the hospital for choosing to deliver there, rather than at one of the other area hospitals. The women received an 8x10 print from each session and were required to sign model releases that allowed the hospital to use the images for promotional purposes. In exchange, we charged the hospital one lump sum for our year’s work on the project.

The hospital promoted the project internally with posters and flyers, and by sending out memos to nurses and OB’s offices asking them to hand out the flyers to interested patients. The images created throughout the year are still being used for the hospital’s promotional material, annual reports, fund-raisers, and even a billboard campaign that won a national advertising award. At the end of the year, when the hospital remodeled their labor and delivery wing, the lobby/waiting area was designed around our images. The images are permanently displayed, in a gallery-type setting, along with our contact information.