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Product Roundup: Inkjet Media
Manufacturers and creatives decipher today’s output options and the demands that drive them.

Vincent Versace

© Jose Villa
“As a wedding and portrait photographer shooting 100 percent film, I am always attracted to natural skin tones, beautiful saturation, and warm tones in photographic papers. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Portrait Paper provides exceptional color, color that stands out in my photography work. I credit Fujicolor film and papers in helping me shape the look and style I love. My clients almost always comment on how amazing the color looks and how they have never seen anything like it.”
Jose Villa

© R. Paul Kucera
FullColors PhotoLast
FullColors PhotoLast
“I specialize in macro photography. It’s imperative to capture the vibrant detail and natural color required to bring nature right up close with vivid clarity. I have chosen to step up to PhotoLast Professional Premium Glossy Photo Paper, with a 230 gsm and up to 5760 dpi. I have found it to be the perfect media to achieve an accurate photo expression without loss. The ultra-white color accurately reproduces the brightest highlights in the close proximities of macro photography that can be difficult to duplicate on any media. This fiber-based, microporous paper yields uniform and thorough ink absorption. The almost instantaneous ink drying is a distinct advantage for my preference of borderless prints. Plus, the resulting durability is perfect for worry-free handling and archivability. This photo paper is the obvious choice for me.”
R. Paul Kucera

& Steven Katzman
“With Hahnemühle’s new FineArt Pearl paper, I find myself back in the golden age of photography, producing pigment prints that no longer emulate, but surpass the silver prints of that era. This fiber-base paper lets the power of my images stand alone, with deep, saturated blacks, and smooth transitions throughout the gray scale. My photographs are no longer restricted by limited choices or surface constraints of the media, but remain free to move off the page and open doors of the viewers’ imaginations.”
Steven Katzman

© Peter Berberian
Harman Technology Ltd.
Harman Technology Ltd.
“Gotham Imaging is a digital fine-art pigment print studio that specializes in large-format museum-quality printing. We have been using Harman Photo Matt FB Mp for the last six months. Coming from a black-and-white printing background, myself and co-owner Ryan Speth have been printing professionally for a combined 25 years, for photographers such as Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Danny Clinch, Lynn Goldsmith, and Max Vadukul. As printers, we were immediately attracted to the beauty of the matte surface and that old-school black-and-white paper feel—and you can print color on it, too. We love it for its subtlety, shadow detail, and bright white point. Never truly happy with the papers available to us, this was the first paper that made us stop and take notice. We can't wait for the fiber glossy.”
Peter Berberian

© Terrie LaBarbera
Hawk Mountain Art Paper
Hawk Mountain Art Paper
“I have been printing on Hawk Mountain paper since shortly after purchasing my first Epson printer (a Stylus Photo 700), through the Stylus Color 1160 to the Stylus Pro 4000. I continue to find its papers help me to realize my images in print with rich color and tone. The range of papers offered by Hawk Mountain is delicious—both the quality of its papers and its customer service is far above the norm. With so many papers from which to choose, it's hard to pick my favorites, but Peregrine Velvet 250, Osprey Textured, and Condor Bright White are the papers I use most.”
Terrie LaBarbera

© Nyght Falcon
Ilford Imaging
Ilford Imaging
“The difference between a picture taken with a camera and a fine-art photograph is immense. The latter is formed by the artistic vision of the photographer, the emotional impact of the image, and the technical presentation. Ilford Galerie Classic Gloss and Classic Pearl resin-coated papers are key to presenting a photograph in all its depth and beauty with a clarity and richness that is stunning.”
Nyght Falcon

© Douglas Menuez
Innova/ANWC Crestwood
Innova/ANW Crestwood
“Since my days documenting the invention of digital printing software and technology, I’ve been watching and hoping for a substrate that would match the intense pleasure of pulling a final print out of the fixer. Innova FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss is the miracle I’ve been waiting for. With deeper blacks than any silver paper left on the market, this paper represents a rebirth of the darkroom. Now there is a true alternative—a 21st-century answer to a 30-year-old problem: a solution that means digital images can now match the peerless quality of silver papers.”