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Product Roundup: Inkjet Media
Manufacturers and creatives decipher today’s output options and the demands that drive them.

Other topics for clarification might include measurement of Dmax or print longevity, as well as different weight and thickness measurements for paper. Another important issue is color-managed workflow. Due to the continuous launch of new-generation printers, we spend significant energy developing profiles and helping to educate our clients on their proper use. These days, a fine-art paper company has to be much more than just a manufacturer.”

Check out the following testimonials that speak to pro photographers’ favorite output options, as well as our handy company directory to start you on your media-purchasing journey.

©Stephen Schaub
Bergger Products
Bergger Products, Inc.
“I’m constantly looking for new and exciting ways to push the medium of photography. Whether I’m working with large-format film or a hybrid process in the digital realm, Bergger Products has been my go-to choice for nearly 10 years. With everything from classic European-quality film and papers to fine-art inkjet papers (especially PN32) that have an analog tonality and feel, Bergger Products consistently provide maximum creative flexibility and unmatched quality.”
Stephen Schaub

© Alan S. Maltz
BF Inkjet Media
BF Inkjet Media
“For the past several years, my canvas of choice has been a product from BF Inkjet Media called Grand Photographer Series PC-12. After evaluating many other possibilities, this substrate stood on its own in color vibrancy, optical brightness, and texture. My reputation as the official wildlife and fine-art photographer of Florida is based on many aspects, one of which is how I present my fine art. Success is all of the right ingredients coming together at one time. This canvas has been a big part of that formula.”
Alan S. Maltz
www.alanmaltz.comAlan S. Maltz

© Cindy Baxter
Breathing Color
Breathing Color
“In late 2005, dissatisfied with the quality of print that another brand of canvas was producing with my Epson 9600 printer, I began to experiment with many brands of canvas. Breathing Color Chromata White Canvas blew the competition away. I was in love! My portrait art images of children are very colorful, and with the Chromata White Canvas the color saturation is beautiful and the detail in the blacks is amazing. Thanks to Breathing Color Chromata White Canvas, all of my canvas portraits sing with vibrant color. It's been nearly two years since I began using Breathing Color, and I can honestly say they continue to impress me with impeccable customer service and continued product development.”
Cindy Baxter

© Peter Read Miller
“As a sports photographer, I’m especially concerned with detail, sharpness, and color saturation. Printing on Canon’s Heavyweight Matte-Coated Paper with my Canon IPF5000 printer gives me sharp, saturated images that almost jump off the page without the reflectiveness of a high-gloss paper. When I print my black-and-white portrait work, I like to use Canon’s Fine Art Photo Rag. It gives me the smooth tonality and depth that I want my images to have.”
Peter Read Miller

© Robert Herko
Crane & Co.
Crane & Co.
“Crane’s Museo Silver Rag is an exceptional material that, combined with the latest versions of pigment-based inks, simply delivers an outstanding tonal range of depth, color fidelity, and saturation that I had come to expect from my old transparency films. For my personal black-and-white work, I could not achieve the complexity of tonal range, subtlety of highlights, and Dmax of a silver print from most of the available digital papers. Silver Rag delivers on all these points, with the ability to render exceptional blacks without sacrificing mid- and highlight tone fidelity.”
Robert Herko

© Vincent Versace
“I probably use Velvet Fine Art about 85 percent of the time. Because it’s a 100 percent cotton fiber rag with a velvet surface, prints have the look and feel of a painting. I’ve had a number of people tell me that they can’t believe the print I’ve shown them came from an inkjet printer. Using this paper in conjunction with the Stylus Pro 3800 gives me a high Dmax—I’m able to get black that is deeper than other matte papers. On top of achieving the detail and feel I’m looking for, adding an archival rating of 100-plus years is like having a free lunch, having your cake and eating it too, and then getting to eat your neighbor’s cake as well.”