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Want to Add Music to Your Presentation?
What You Need to Know Before You Do.

“We make every attempt to make music an integral part of what we do,” he say, “and we think it’s imperative to be aware of the issues that pertain to protecting both our visuals and the music we use. We seek out and license music that is legally available for our specific needs, and we encourage professionals everywhere to do the same.”

As more photographers invest their time and money into licensing legally obtainable music and songs, a larger group of writers and musicians will try to satisfy that need. It’s simple supply and demand. The ultimate result of doing the right thing will be a larger variety of suitable music easily available. Satisfied clients show their families and friends these superior productions, which, in turn, creates more clients for the professional.

Serious efforts should be made toward worthwhile collaborations. In the long run, these collaborations will be self-sustaining and will benefit the industry as a whole.

[Editor's Note: If you know of other sources of alternative original music, contact editor]

Joseph Refano (, located in Centerport, New York, has been a professional musician, composer, and producer for more than 25 years. As owner and operator of Broken Joey Records, he licenses songs and music for TV, film, advertising, and photographic productions with his partner and collaborator, Paul H. Brokaw. Their songs and music have appeared on TV’s Saturday Night Live, The Sopranos, All My Children, The Young and the Restless, Northern Exposure, America’s Most Wanted, Ed, and The Chris Isaak Show.