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On the Case
Manufacturers are outfitting their bags, cases, portfolios, and carts with the latest technologies and convenience features to maximize their functionality and accessibility for photographers on the go.
The OC-84 is a great general-purpose camera/gear bag. The main compartment can be customized for photo, video, or general gear, and it comes standard with an InserTrolley for easy wheeling. The OC-84 is designed to fit in overhead compartments for traveling. Simply take the OC-84 off the cart, fold up the cart, and stow both in the overhead. The bag also provides a padded pocket and separate sleeve for holding a laptop computer—and these days the ability for a photo bag to hold a 17" or 15" laptop is virtually essential.


Lightware has a complete line of equipment and computer cases for photographers and videographers that are lightweight and airline-shippable. By making use of a variety of combinations of lightweight, shock-absorbing foams, plastics, and fabric, Lightware cases are strong enough and protective enough to survive almost all the hazards and abuses of travel for years to come. These functional cases are designed by a photographer and made in Colorado.

"I just got back from seven weeks in the North Atlantic, where I was the photographer for the 1987 Titanic expedition. I had two days' notice, and I realized that I needed lots of equipment, but was limited to space and weight because of travel, shifting equipment from ship to ship from a Zodiac, and all of the logistics involved on an extended shoot. I bought some Lightware cases before leaving. While packing, I realized that what I normally put into three or four cases all neatly fit into two medium-format Lightware cases. Carrying these onto the various aircrafts was not a problem—they fit under most seats. Plus, changing the inside configuration onsite was a breeze.

The weather ranged from burning sun to rain to thick fog to intense storms while we were there. We hit the tail end of Hurricane Arlene and suffered through a force-10 sea condition on two occasions. We transferred persons and material daily from our support ship into a Zodiac, then sped through a mile of sometimes very rough seas to board the ship that held the submarine. Sea spray, waves, wind—we had it all. Upon my return last week, I emptied the Lightware cases, and after a quick wipe with a damp cloth, they look like they did when I took them out of their boxes new. I think I could take Lightware cases anywhere, anytime, under any conditions, and feel secure about my equipment. Lightware is the best camera insurance I have bought yet."

—Adam Jahiel, Los Angleles, CA

Lost Luggage
As hard as it is to find an attractive laptop bag, it's even harder to find one that also can accommodate a portfolio. The Hudson bag is the ideal portfolio and laptop carryall, full of functional details such as a separate laptop pocket lined with a layer of cushy neoprene, and smaller pockets for business cards and leave-behinds. This bag is handmade with supple black leather imported from Italy and features a distressed finish that improves over time. Perfect for any standard-size Lost Luggage portfolio and laptops up to 15" wide.

Primus AWLowepro
Primus AW is Lowepro's newest camera backpack, commemorating the company's 40th anniversary. It is the first backpack designed for the professional photographer that's made primarily from recycled materials; the majority of the bag is made of Cyclpet, 100 percent post-consumer recycled fabric. With each bag containing enough recycled material to equal 22.6 soda bottles, the Primus AW is a perfect combination of unmatched easy access points and extreme-condition protection. The Primus AW also features a seam-sealed All-Weather Cover, a built-in memory-card pouch, back hatch, hideaway tripod mount with ice-axe loop, and Glide-Lock attachment.

Funds raised from the sale of the Primus AW will support Polar Bears International (PBI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation of polar bears.

M-Rock's new Extreme line includes 22 camera bags, including mini point-and-shoot digital camera bags, medium-sized digital camera and digital camcorder bags, lens bags, V-shaped top-load holster bags, square gadget SLR bags, backpacks, and sling bags, as well as accessories, such as a modular belt, camera strap, memory-card wallet, and a padded, U-shaped lens cradle. The M-Rock Extreme line includes a user-friendly modular system that makes it possible to quickly increase or decrease the capacity of M-Rock's SLR bags.


Mobile EdgeMobile Edge
Mobile Edge introduces two new vertical messenger bags. The Mini-Messenger is perfect for smaller digital cameras and electronic equipment; the Notebook Messenger is a larger bag that can accommodate a laptop up to 15.4 inches, along with camera equipment and other photography essentials.

Both messenger bags are available in four different color schemes.