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Tell the Full Wedding-Day Story
How to Capture the Supporting Cast Unobtrusively

3 young boys
Casey Bradley Gent

3 young bridesmaids
Casey Bradley Gent

father crying
Casey Bradley Gent

2 young girls cutting cake
Casey Bradley Gent

I view these activities as prime times for capturing expression rather than action, so I use an 80mm lens. If my "seat" on the floor gets lost behind rows of feet, I grab a guest's chair and stand above the chaos. If I'm shooting from above, I place my flash at a 45-degree angle and use a LumiQuest to bounce the light over the subject. Without a bounce flash, the lower third of these shoot-from-above shots would look vignetted.

My job is nearly complete when guests begin nibbling on wedding cake. Packing up my gear, I realize that every one of my media cards and each roll of film holds parts of one family's new beginning, captured for eternity.

Casey Bradley Gent opened Snowshoe Studios ( in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1994, at age 21. Specializing in wedding and portrait photography, she has photographed more than 400 weddings, traveling to Honolulu, Yosemite, and Key West. Her high-profile portrait clientele includes Jack Hanna, John Elway, John Lynch, Jake Plummer, Tom Landry, and Bill Clinton. In October, she will lead a two-day seminar on creating wedding images with personality, capturing the moment unobtrusively, and marketing and branding your studio online. Contact Gent for details.