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House of NyghtFalcon
The unique business model behind the name

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House of NyghtFalcon

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House of NyghtFalcon

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House of NyghtFalcon

Case in point: A bride, who had failed to mention her long history with her father, began crying while dancing with him late in the reception. Fourteen photos later, the bride was wrapped in her mother's arms, crying.

"A wedding is a story in progress," he says. "There are always stories within the story. It is important that we talk about what we see happening around us and confer as a team. This was one of the most memorable sequences we have ever captured in photographs. We learned how to communicate, how to read what is happening, and how to adjust as the event evolved."

Looking Forward

The studio succeeds by finding clients who desire the best in photography, those who see photography as a form of art, and who can see the difference between what NyghtFalcon can provide and what a "guy with a camera" can do.

"If you are looking for someone to 'take a picture,' that's fine. That's just not our market. We are constantly trying to educate clients about photography and the value we bring to their project, even though for many, it isn't something they can appreciate."

Falcon says a growing trend seems to be brides who expect that at the end of the wedding, they will be handed a CD they can take to Wal-Mart or Sam's Club or an Internet print shop where photos can be had for a few cents each. Most don't realize that these prints often aren't archival or that they will fade quickly.

"For every hour we are working a wedding, we spend another four to six processing RAW images," Falcon explains. "It's something different that we offer—the way we underlight, the way we process RAW images, the way we handle color, shadows, texture, and contrast. Our ability to see and feel through the eyes and lives of those around us is what we, as artists, bring to the wedding."

When Falcon is no longer able to work—he won't retire—he hopes that the House of NyghtFalcon will recruit the next generation of talent, which eventually establishes the studio as a unique part of the history of photography.

"As we have seen since the death of Versace, his mark is still present on each and every garment, although each garment, in some way, reflects the vision of the current generation of designers."

So it will be at the House of NyghtFalcon.

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