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Getting the Most Out of In-House B&W Printing
Custom Profiling Key to Consistent, Successful Output

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Jeff Tiemann

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Jeff Tiemann

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Jeff Tiemann

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Jeff Tiemann

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Jeff Tiemann

We also produce a limited amount of color work in our studio, and I was concerned about the brightness of the paper for printing really vibrant colors. When we viewed our first color print, the results were equally as amazing. We had invested in this paper for black-and-white images only, but discovered it was well suited for both types of work.

Finding the Sunset Air Dried Fibre Matte paper, along with a custom color management solution, has been a great boon for our business. It may seem like a subtle thing to consider, but I view it as one more way we can offer our clientele the very best of everything.

Jeff and Susan Tiemann are owners of Tiemann Photo ( in Grafton, Virginia. They are recognized for their black-and-white portraits (Legacy) and color (True Colors) portraiture.