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Switching Gears
Wedding photojournalist David Crane gets creative boost from editorial past.

bridesmaids outsite church
Images by David Crane

bride & groom kissing in crowd
Images by David Crane

wedding party coming up stairs
Images by David Crane

flower girl with wedding party
Images by David Crane

bridesmaid carrying bride's train
Images by David Crane

bride going up stairs
Images by David Crane

bride looking in mirror
Images by David Crane

"The gear is still bulkier than my trusty old rangefinders, but the results are fantastic, especially shooting RAW files. And sticking with fast, aperture-fixed lenses allows me to work in very low light."

The workflow that's possible with digital takes a lot of the headache out of post-production. Since he may use up to three cameras during the wedding day, time-coding each camera is critical. "Not having to worry about color balance when things are happening fast helps keep me from missing shots. I am often shooting under very poor light at slow shutter speeds wide open. As long as the quality of light is there, I know I will be able to pull the best image possible from the RAW file."

Crane works with a main second shooter/assistant who's a photojournalist with the same ideals in images. "It is especially important to have a second shooter for the ceremony to get more than one angle on the event."

Other than that, David Crane Photo is a one-person operation. Well, two-person—there's the woman behind the man. "My wife handles contracts and some of the office operations. Clients are hiring my eye, and that's what they get."

An eye that's seen quite a lot….

** Hine is known for his portrayal of immigrants at Ellis Island, views of housing and labor conditions in the United States during the early 1900s, and documentation of the construction of the Empire State Building. He also published the book Men at Work.