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Sculpt Your Portraits with Light
Add Drama with Basic Lighting Techniques

Three models image shot with Nikon D70s, Hensel Monolights, and Lexar Professional Media. Retouched with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Kubota Imaging Tools. Hair, makeup, and styling by Irena Murphy.
Allison Earnest

“Pirate” Jim Busha was lit with a Hensel Monolight and beauty dish as main light. California Sunbounce create fill and two additional lights behind model accent face and add depth.
Allison Earnest

Cowboy shot with Nikon D70s, 80-200mm Nikkor lens, sunlight, and California Sunbounce light modifier. Kubota Imaging Tools were used for retouching.
Allison Earnest

Image of couple on top of a glacier in Colorado was shot with a Nikon D70s. The sun lit the scene, slight fill as added with a Nikon SB-800 bounced into a California Sunbounce reflector.
Allison Earnest

For the image of the couple I took an incident meter reading of the ambient light then bounced the light from a Nikon SB-800 Speedlight into a California Sunbounce reflector for fill. Had I not used an adequate fill flash technique, this image would be flat and non-dimensional.

Using a Reflector Indoors

The pirate image of Jim Busha was made in my studio with a Nikon D70s, using a Hensel Monolight with beauty dish as the main light, and a California Sunbounce for fill. Two additional lights were placed to either side and just behind the model to accent the face and feathered to light part of the background. This image shows that accent lights add depth to an image.

Further spice up your images with color gels, multiple lighting techniques, or accent lights and watch your images come to life.