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Gary Fong
Category: Image Management, Slideshow, Workflow
Use Gary Fong’s Album Showcase to post fully designed albums online within days of your event. Unlike regular slideshows, Album Showcase is designed to display and proof virtual album pages. Brand it with your logo and set the show to music to finally give your work the online emotional impact it deserves. Produce albums and sales tools for every job without spending a fortune on sample albums. The package comes with license-free music, or use your own. Instant download available at www.gary

“Gary had been encouraging us to predesign albums for months. After hearing him speak on tour last year, our studio began predesigning full force and using Album Showcase to display and proof our album designs online for our clients. The software is quick and easy to use, and the financial rewards have been truly amazing. Seeing the images as a book right away keeps our clients focused on the final product—their album.”
—Becker, www., Mission Viejo, CA

Category: Image Editing
Product: PrintPro 2.0
HumanEyes’ new PrintPro 2.0 is a multifaceted 3-D creation/production application developed for designers, photographers, ad agencies, and printers. The application is now based on next-generation technology. 2-D-to-3-D conversion and an interactive Timeline feature for precise creative control head the list of features in PrintPro 2.0. The user has complete control of the 2-D picture’s conversion to a 3-D image without needing to understand underlying complexities.

Image Content Technology LLC
Category: Image Editing
LucisArt is a patented Photoshop plug-in that accurately reveals the smallest image detail throughout the image in the bright, dark, and mid-range areas. It also has several unique and beautiful special effects. The Winslow effect transforms your image into a watercolor where the smoothing depends on the image’s relative contrasts, so it never looks like paint-by-number. Pro photographers use LucisArt to quickly add amazing special effects to their images.

Category: Online
ImageQuix is the premiere online proofing and website solution for pro photographers and photofinishing labs. ImageQuix has two solutions for proofing photos: a prepay upload credit system, and a full-service commission-based system where images are sent directly to a lab for processing. Both offerings include free membership signup and software, no contracts, and no monthly/annual fees. ImageQuix also offers custom website development and a design, print, and bind album-production service.

iView Multimedia
(a Microsoft Subsidiary)
Category: Image Management
iView MediaPro is a cross-platform digital-asset-management application customized for professional photographers and other creative professionals. It allows for quick, easy review, comparison, organization, and presentation of digital media files. Flexible features allow users to create compact visual databases with previews and annotations of all your media files that can be browsed and searched. Expression Media is due to be released in Q2 2007 and is a natural evolution of iView MediaPro.

Category: Image Editing
Photo-D is a comprehensive, rule-based Intelligent Expert System that optimizes/enhances digital image files, preparing them for printing or viewing. The technology uses fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence algorithms to emulate the expertise of a color/digital imaging pro. The solution scans for problems associated with under- or overexposure, contrast, brightness, color, and details, and then analyzes and corrects the problems automatically to produce optimal, quality results.

Kubota Image Tools
Category: Image Editing, Workflow
Empowering photographers: the creator of Photoshop Action Paks for beautiful image enhancement and improved studio workflow. Photoshop and workflow training CDs and workshops are designed to streamline and simplify your workflow so you spend more time doing what you love. It’s quick, easy, and beautiful!

“Kevin Kubota really put some serious time and thought into his Photoshop Actions—they are unbelievable! Thanks for making me look good and saving me so much time. You’re the best!”
—Mike Colón, Mike Colón Photography, Newport Beach, CA

LC Technology
Category: Image Management, Workflow
LC Technology International has announced a new release of its highly acclaimed Photorecovery for Digital Media, now supporting digital backs for medium-format cameras. The addition of these image formats for these types of cameras is designed to appeal to the growing market of high-end pro photographers and their equipment. The image formats that have been added so far include ones generated by Hasselblad, Leaf, Mamiya, Phase One, and Sinar, with others to follow. Photorecovery supports all digital cameras currently on the market and all of the current RAW file formats with the help of a powerful and sophisticated recovery engine.

“It worked! If I was there, I would give you a big hug. Thanks for the help on everything. I also wanted to compliment you on your very speedy return of my initial request. It seems these days that a request is often returned via automatic reply a week after the problem has been solved some other way. Good job!”
– Chris Giles, Chris Giles Photo, Durango, CO

Category: Online
Designed specifically for wedding photographers, is an e-commerce and online album designing/ordering system. This exclusive online interface is quick and easy to use with drag-and-drop simplicity. Studios can choose to use this program to predesign and show wedding album designs or let the bride create her own wedding album design. Choose traditional or contemporary album styles with thousands of layout possibilities to create stunning albums for your clients

Master Colors
Category: Image Editing, Workflow
Master Colors’ award-winning plug-in for Photoshop and InDesign, HVC Color Composer Professional has quantified the relationship that exists between colors. This is an innovative solution that gives artists complete control and understanding over every aspect of the color in their design. This alone is enough to create change in the way graphic artists, photographers, and commercial printers approach the task of color combination/output for the digital age.

Nik Software
Category: Image Editing, Workflow
Professional Suite is the complete photographer filter suite that includes noise reduction, photographic filters, and optimal image sharpening all in one package! It includes full versions of all Nik filter products.

“I just had to tell you how much I enjoy Nik Software. I want to spend as little time on the computer as I can. That is not where I make my money. Nik Software saves me time, so it really makes me money. The best thing about the software is the control. I think a lot of people overdo (and overuse) many of the techniques and filters out there. With Nik, I can use it ‘just right.’ Keep up the great work!”
—Doug Box, Douglas Allen Box Photography, Snook, TX