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Annual Lab & Imaging Services Directory 2007

“Love is what we are getting every day from our clients,” says Jay Perskie, president of (Baltimore, MD). “By doing the designing, color correcting, printing, and binding (or assembly) in their choice of eight album types from three different manufacturers at very competitive prices, we are allowing them to exit the production business. Most photographers spend six to nine hours shooting an event, but 10 to 20-plus hours on the back end. We realized that what clients needed in this time-crunched era is help on the back end, so we’ve made this our specialty. This allows our clients to spend time on marketing their business, improving photography skills, and having a better quality of life.”

By offering free online posting for their jobs (no setup, no per-month or job fees, and no limit on images posted) and allowing clients to choose what poses they want in their albums with the exclusive On Line Album Selection Service (and then doing the designing, printing, and binding), has now made the back end disappear for customers.

“Our exclusive Princess 10x10 Library-Bound Album completely designed with 20 pages, printed, and bound with slideshow approval for $199 has caught lots of attention,” says Perskie. “By providing our clients with most of the nonshooting, post-job services at sensible prices, we are helping them to grow their businesses, and ours with them.”

And although the lab is in a relatively safe area in terms of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, images are protected with redundant servers and online storage, says Perskie.

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