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Game Plan for Online Success
Targeted Websites Boost Sales, Profile, Client Contact

Marilyn Sholin

With Constant Contact as my marketing partner, we have been able to keep the websites separate and continue to track interest in each product we promote. Their monthly fee makes them the cheapest “employee” we have.

Another company I use for marketing to clients is Amazing Mail (, which allows me to send personalized postcards with my own images directly from their website. This is a great marketing tool, which lets me send clients mailings with their own portraits from their last portrait sessions. Who wouldn’t read the back of that postcard? I get my message printed, delivered, and read all from one website.

If I want to send a full-size, fold-over, printed greeting card, I use Card Store ( This site does the same thing as Amazing Mail, but sends a beautifully printed greeting card.

By using the power of the Internet, I have increased sales, saved money, and developed valuable new ways to communicate with clients and prospective clients.