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Darkroom on Wheels
Little League Tourney Workflow Thatís Going Places

Jeff Montgomery

Our printers are all working well. Only twice have we had to send one out for repair. Both times, Mitsubishi sent a replacement the next day with a shipping label. We put the old unit in the box and called the designated company for a pick up. You donít find that kind of service anymore.

A World About Capture

During tournaments, I make sure to photograph every child equally, whether he or she gets to play in the game or not. Theyíre all important to the team. The parents appreciate that you treat their child like a star so it makes you work that much harder to photograph every child.

I have always been a fan of Norman Rockwellís paintings and loved how he seemed to capture everyday life so well. I hope Iím capturing some of those moments while shooting sports.

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