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Add Scrapbooking Effects to Your Portraits
Tap Into the Popular Look for Incremental Revenue

Artia Kit and Angelhair ArtiStrokes Kit by Lie Fhung

Grow Kit and DelicateDeia Kit by Lie Fhung
Gisele Wright

Linda Sattgast

Simply Recreation by Michelle Shefveland
Rob Friedman

As a photographer, you’ll need sizes that differ from scrapbooking. In the examples shown, I used a 5x7 format and resized papers and embellishments from a variety of kits to make my templates. Using someone else’s products was much easier than starting from scratch, but it still took time. The beauty of it is that once I do the work, I can reuse it as often as I wish.

Try starting with a simple design. When you finish your first template, make several copies and use photo editing software to change the colors to give your customers a choice. If someone wants a custom color or other change, charge extra for your time.

Imagine the Possibilities

Once you’ve experienced success with your first template, think about ways to expand your offerings. Do you take photos of high school seniors, babies, sweet 16s, newlyweds? What kinds of templates could you create for them? What about photos of individuals in groups, such as soccer, baseball, dance classes? A template with that folksy, jazzy scrapbook feel is a great way to inspire more clients to sign up for your services!

Scrapbooking is not a passing fad. Scrapbookers take their hobby very seriously and feel that the history of their families is at stake. Why not offer a studio package that appeals to your customers on an emotional level and, at the same time, increases your bottom line?