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The Ultimate Screen Test

Panasonic BT-LH1700W

The Lowdown: Seventeen inches of high-def display reproduces up to 16.7 million colors on a 1280x768 WXGA-resolution panel, with selectable color temperature that makes it easy to match your standard. The display features a menu that can be positioned in five screen locations; two user-defined buttons that can be set to your particular studio needs; and preset/manual picture adjustments with indicator lights.

What Makes This Monitor Stand Out: Panasonic boasts that the monitor comes with the industry’s lowest delay realized by an image-processing circuit that converts interlaced signals into progressive signals with no visible delays. Many of the monitor’s special features also come standard, including a Waveform Monitor that graphically displays luminance levels from zero to 110 IRE in any of the monitor’s four corners, and a Split Screen/Freeze Frame function for scene comparison and critical color matching.

Sharp PN-455

The Lowdown: The company’s largest professional LCD monitor (45 inches) has a full 1920x1080 HD resolution with more than 6 million pixel elements for accurate and precise image reproduction. Other features include 170-degree viewing angles, a streamlined black bezel, dual cooling fans, and a rugged rear metal enclosure.

What Makes This Monitor Stand Out: Every monitor in Sharp’s LCD line, including the PN-455, has anti-glare and low-reflection properties that let the monitors function in bright areas where other monitors may seem washed out. A Black TFT/Bright Pixel Elimination feature ensures that if a failed pixel appears, it’s invisible to the viewer.

ViewSonic VP2330wb

The Lowdown: Imagine being able to work in two applications side-by-side with no disruption to your workflow. With ViewSonic’s 23-inch widescreen display, you can do just that. Optimum resolution is 1920x1200, with an 800:1 contrast ratio and 170-degree viewing angles, horizontal and vertical. OnView controls include auto image adjust, manual image adjust, input select, contrast, brightness, and pixel clock.

What Makes This Monitor Stand Out: The monitor’s PerfectSuite professional-grade LCD control software features color calibration, asset management, theft deterrence, and auto screen rotation. The ThinEdge design minimizes bezel gaps between panels for a virtually continuous viewing area in multiple-panel setups.

Westinghouse LVM-42w2

The Lowdown: The first 42-inch 1080p high-def LCD monitor makes its debut from Westinghouse Digital. With six HD input connectors, users can view digital photos in 1080p resolution. The display’s new industrial design—in charcoal with silver trim—allows it to fit in spaces normally reserved for smaller models; the unit is also wall-mountable. Ten-watt speakers and a 10-watt subwoofer add tonal boost for when you’ve got your music on during a shoot.

What Makes This Monitor Stand Out: Genesis Display Perfection technology includes Faroudja video processing for scaling and deinterlacing, eliminating jagged edges and reducing blur.