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I often use just a grid for my main light. it gives an amazing catch light in the eyes, itís easy to set up, and doesnít take up any space on the set. If you are very close to the background, it can appear that you are using two lights.
© Richard Newman

Add to all this my travel kit, which contains every type of clamp, nut, bolt, pair of pliers, and a good pair of gloves for handling hot reflectors or lights. I couldn't get along without gaffers tape and my roll of Rosco colored gels.

Great pictures come from strong ideas. Armed with more modifiers rather than more lights, Iím ready to take on any Rock Ďní Roll band or movie star that roams the kitchens and alleys of the world. And I never need to plug in. I just go where the images are.

Richard Newman ( has 55 exhibits to his credit, as well as three books on photography, and multiple magazine articles featuring his work. His series on the Exxon Valdez oil spill is in the White House photography archives. Newman has taught workshops and for 14 years, he has been Calumet Photographic's education coordinator.