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Jorge Alvarez Shoots Fashion From the Heart

Jessiqua Pace
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Latin People magazine
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“When my father saw the army tanks roll through the back yard, he knew it was time to go,” he says. “My family boarded a plane in the middle of the night. We packed very light so officials thought we were only taking a vacation. My dad had a very successful business, but he knew it was doomed with communism.

“My family came to America because it is a free country with great opportunity. When we arrived in Miami , my dad had to work about 20 jobs to make ends meet. My mom and dad are my heroes and inspiration.”

Looking Ahead

Alvarez is currently breaking ground on a state-of-the-art studio in St. Petersburg . “I definitely do more outdoor shoots than interior shoots, but I want a place where I can have my privacy and be creative.” Contemporary in design, the studio will be about 7,000 sq. ft., with a 4,500-sq.-ft. indoor studio, 2,500-sq.-ft. rooftop studio, and a three-story metal staircase. The interior will have exposed beams, exposed concrete, and glass block. The exterior is metal, scored stucco, and exposed block.

With all of his success, Alvarez has one dream he’s yet to fulfill: “I want to shoot for Sports Illustrated,” he admits. “That would be the ultimate dream job.”

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