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Team Player

The image of the couple on the lounge chair, also taken in Grand Lido Resort, (p. 10) faced a different challenge. "There was only one place in the resort to shoot this image and that particular spot was on the pool deck," he recalls. "The hotel management closed the pool for the guests for two hours, which did not exactly make us popular with the vacationers. But as the guests were watching our shoot, they found the whole thing rather entertaining and started asking questions about technical issues, the models, etc."


Franke has earned his most prominent shoots by having the "client pursue me, instead of me pursuing the client. This is why I send out a lot of mailings, postcards, and promo pieces. When a client selects me to bid for a project, it gives me a certain 'comfort' because I know they like my style or my lighting; something about my work. It's this comfort that makes it much easier for me to relax and focus on bidding, estimating, and negotiating, and eventually gets me the job."

Clearly, many clients like his work. In fact, Franke was recently whisked away to Europe for a two-week lifestyle shoot. "Every day is different," he says. "New people, new locations, new challenges, new problems to deal with, new solutions to be found. It's exciting!"

Frankly speaking, we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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