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Is the future of photography all digital?

No, it certainly isn't. We believe that film-based products will continue to be a key component of photography, if they are developed and marketed with a digital world in mind.

Our mission is to make the best tools to help professionals enjoy the advantages of film and digital. Fujifilm has never been shy about saying we will continue to provide the widest range of imaging products and services that help our customers grow and prosper whatever their capture choices may be.

What do you see as Fujifilm's primary objective going forward?

Our number one priority is to address the diverse needs of our customers and their customers. In the pro arena, with product offerings across the entire imaging cycle, we are able to provide photographers with the unique flexibility of changing with the market as their businesses see fit.

Moving forward, Fujifilm will continue to build industry-leading tools, services, and products that meet a range of professional imaging needs.