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Barnstorm XVIII

Lucas Jackson, Barnstorm XVII, 2004

"The Barnstorm experience changed my perception of life and this craft. I walked away with a clear sense of purpose, and a burning desire to bring my dreams into existence. It was a beautiful and irreplaceable five days in New York , and I would like nothing more than to give back to the workshop in the future."

Erika Schultz, Barnstorm XVII, 2004

"I had worked for the Milwaukee Journal while I was in school and had hopes of rising to the top of newspaper photography through a long career. Then I got off the big yellow bus at Eddie's Farm, where a total paradigm shift took place: I didn't have to slave away for Corporate America if I didn't want to. The big world of magazine freelance opened up for me because of the vision of one man: Eddie Adams. Through contacts at Barnstorm, I developed a relationship with SABA , Newsweek, Time, Forbes, Fortune, and other magazines. I started working for Sports Illustrated on a regular basis, earning my first SI cover just six years after Barnstorm II.

"I owe a great deal to Eddie Adams and am proud of my Barnstorm heritage. I am grateful and honored for having had the experience."

Patrick Murphy-Racey, Barnstorm II, 1989

"I am one of five military photographers selected to attend the EAW XVII. I cannot think of any other workshop where you can meet 30 to 50 of the biggest names in the photo business--photographers such as David Hume Kennerly, Nick Ut, and Thomas Franklin. Whatever your focus in photography--sports, politics, even underwater photography--you will find someone at the workshop who does it. EAW is only a few days, but you work very hard and see so many great photographers' work and hear what the photographers were thinking when they took their photographs. The best part is the 11:30 club. You can sign up to show your portfolio to some of the most well known photographers in the world. I know most people are shy about showing their images, but this is a good opportunity to hear multiple views on your work.

"I walked away from this workshop with new friends and new contacts. Most importantly, I learned new ways of seeing images. I hope this helps encourage photographers to submit their application. I can only imagine this will be another great year at the EAW."

Andy Dunaway, Barnstorm XVII, 2004