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Seeing Music

They love their equipment for its durability, too. "Our Canon system has really held up to the rigors of shooting 3,000 images in a 12-hour event, weekend after weekend. It fits in our hands so ergonomically and we know the controls inside and out. The CMOS sensor is awesome for color and is excellent in ambient light. We have upgraded three times with Canon and the Canon Mark II is everything we have always wanted in a digital camera."

Beside their revenue-generating website,, they've created a refreshingly friendly business model by paying themselves well on the couple's day and give them all their high-res files immediately. "They can email and order 29-cent 4x6s themselves. Gone is the $1-a-shot mentality of film. Michael used to take 400-500 shots per wedding in film. With digital it's more like 1,600-2,500. That's a lot of memories," Meg says.

Michael agrees. "The freedom to run wild in the emotional moment, shooting hundreds of shots without the buck-a-shot mentality, taking artistic chances, and then working with each image in our desktop darkroom has been absolutely fabulous."

Looks and sounds like beautiful music!