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From Down Under to New York

Being a stand-out commercial photographer means "having an understanding of all things digital and the openness to be able to try new things," says Keate. Considering he has only been in the United States for a brief time, he must find powerful ways to promote those abilities. "My business relies a lot on direct mail self-promotion pieces," he says. "These are mailed out every couple of months and have my rep and website details. I can see the fluctuation in traffic from when a new promo is mailed out and so I know it's a great marketing tool."

Keate's website is also a strong marketing tool. "It is usually the first introduction for a perspective client into my whole aesthetic," he says.

As for future projects, Keate is finishing photographing an Absolut vodka ad, which he calls "a big creative challenge." He is then embarking on a website update and a self-promotion campaign.

"My favorite project is portfolio development," he says. "I love the conceptualizing and creation of new images and I'm continually working on producing great quality images, both creatively and technically."

Now that's an approach that should breed success on all seven continents.

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