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Tall Texan Takes Aim

"He was perfect for the shoot. A real cowboy and executive, he's wearing his own chaps and jeans. We put him astride the Harley, added a fence, created a single source of light by using a large Chimera softbox with Comet strobe head. I embellished the sky with a favorite cloud. Shot on location, the background is the San Jacinto Monument. This is where Texas won its battle for independence."

What's around the bend for Pam Francis? "Believe it or not, animals are in my future. March is rodeo time and part of the rodeo is the Houston Livestock Show. I'll be rounding out my supply of farm animal stock images by shooting every beast and fowl I can find. I have pigs, chickens, cows, rabbits, llamas, donkeys, and, of course, cows. It's a smelly job, but someone has to do it."

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