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FileMaker Pro 7: A Database System That Almost Runs the Business by Itself

"A client might call us from Europe," Jordan explains, "and they might say, 'We're an ad agency working on an account for an international cosmetics company. We would like to see some images of female actresses.

Particularly Charlize Theron.' They can now go into my database using a Web access code, and they might say, 'We like images number 14, 22, 67, and 28.' We call up those images in our database and check to see if there are any restrictions on them or if they've been sold to other clients. If the images are available, the pricing is keyed right into the database."

This touch-of-a-button ease of the Digital Rights Management database is one of the most valuable features of FileMaker Pro 7. "Being able to have multiple windows and multiple files under one file is ideal," says Jordan.

Transferring their existing databases into FileMaker Pro 7 also proceeded more smoothly than he anticipated. "The earlier files had been constructed in a combination of FileMaker Pro versions, including 5, 5.5, and 6, so the potential complexity of the migration process was a concern. But FileMaker Pro 7 let us tailor the process to our specific situation."

What FileMaker did was very smart. They give the user three options for importing a database. Explains Jordan, "You can bring in the data with no changes, you can make the new database '7-like,' or you can go the whole hog. It's really up to you. It requires a lot of thought, preparation, and careful planning, but overall it's been very successful."

Whatever jobs Jordan and his team are working on-ad campaigns, magazine editorials, catalogs, or celebrity shoots-the FileMaker Pro database system handles the challenge masterfully.

"It's really user-friendly," notes Jordan, "and capable of tracking and managing so much information. Our database is growing so fast because of how we've structured it. Because of it's potential, FileMaker Pro 7 has actually changed my business."

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