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Bind-It-Photo's One Minute Profit Center

"Rorie said, 'I can sell you the system for as little as $355 up to $925,'" says Morgan. "I liked the idea, because it meant I no longer had to pay $75 then wait two months to get an album. I sell one copy for weddings for $299.95 and three for $600. And it costs me only $20 to make a book."

The innovator of the "Children's Portrait Club," for newborn babies, Morgan charges $300 for one year, and that includes two images each sitting. He makes much more than that, because parents buy more than two images.

Morgan calls the Bind-It-Photo system idiot-proof. "You don't need directions to use it. And while ease of use is great, the profit I make from the system is clearly the best part."

Unique Solution

Keith Mills (, Springlake, New Jersey, portrait photographer, also discovered the Bind-It-Photo system at a trade show. "It was something different," he says. "It's like a first-edition book." Mills sells Bind-It-Photo books for $450 after portfolio orders are made, while production costs average $35 to $75 for his studio to create one.

Mills doesn't promote the product in any specific way to clients or prospects, but he knows when to suggest Bind-It-Photo books.

"There have been countless situations when grandparents come into my studio and say, 'I only want two 8x10s of my grandchildren.' But they just can't narrow down the images to two selections. So I recommend Bind-It-Photo, and every customer has been pleased. Some people buy six at one time!"

Mills brings Bind-It-Photo books whenever he lectures in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. His lecture isn't about Bind-It-Photo per se, but he always mentions it.

"Bind-It-Photo is a way to add profit to your studio," concludes Mills, "and offer a unique product. That's an excellent combination."

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