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PIDE Raises Bar on Industry Expos

- Will Wenzel, Will Wenzel Photography

The PhotoImaging Expo seminars covered a wide range of relevant subjects, by a true cross-section of industry professionals from all over the country. I was very impressed with the speakers & their presentations - they seemed to have a real respect for the mission of the conference, and respect for us as an audience - for our time.
- Liz Edlund, Liz Edlund Photographs

An absolute must-see!! Try the experience for yourself, and you'll see what I mean.
- Robert L. Pike, WAV

It was a great place to learn new tips and tricks and to talk with the industry leaders.
- Terrilynne Haden, Captured Moments by Terrilynne

PhotoImaging & Design Expo 2004 was incredible. After leaving several of the seminars and seeing live shoots by top photographers I left with a renewed and exciting outlook on my business and its potential. Not only was it a very rewarding experience, but I was truly inspired by each speaker at the three-day seminar. Can't wait for the next one!
- Courtney Eckert, Art Director, Eckert Photo Imaging

One day was not enough! Next year I'm attending all three days!
- Gary Sanders, Gary Sanders Photography

It was my first encounter with a big name photo conference and I was very impressed. Where could you go and hear some of the best in the business and be able to network with some really interesting people who are out-of-the-box thinkers. I thought all of the programs were well done and very informative. Also the exhibits and the social gatherings very enjoyable. Please let me know when next year's event will be, so I can make plans to attend. I will be back, with friends.
- Buddy Lee, R E Lee Photography

Wonderful show to pump you up for a creative and productive year.
- Bobbi Hope, Helena Sullivan Photography

My best convention experience in years!
- Garrett Nose, Garrett Nose Photography

Sample Feedback On Speakers:

Terrell Lloyd was a great speaker, good businessperson, and beautiful photographer. Enjoyed his honesty & serendipitous luck that occurred in his career.

Ian MacDonald Smith is highly knowledgeable & talented, informative & inspiring.

The Colin Smith hands-on Photoshop workshop was a great experience.

Bruce Dale's session was fantastic, thanks!!

Mike Colon's seminar was great! Bringing in an actual bride and groom was a nice, helpful touch. Seeing how comfortable he makes his subjects feel helps explain the great images he captures. I also shoot Nikon so I was interested in the wi-fi system he used with his D2H. I've shied away from the D2H because it only has 4 megapixels, but it seems to work fine for him.

Hanson Fong's session was awesome!

David Cross is a great instructor!! The best!!!

Wow!! Eddie Adams's session was extremely inspiring, emotional, and touching! Thank you for giving us a chance to experience the world through Eddie's eyes.

Christopher Gill is an excellent presenter who portrays his excitement and love of photography.

Jennifer George Walker's session was my favorite!

Jerry & Rolando's seminar was humorous & educational

Willie's session was short, but very sweet, and informative. I know it will help me tremendously.

Jay Maisel's session is the best of the entire show! Bring him back in 2005!

Greg Gaglio's session was what I came for!

Gary Fong put my fears about digital to rest!

Von Thomas's session and responses to audience questions helped me decide which products I to buy at the tradeshow.

Brett Drury's session was the highlight of the show for me. It sounds like architecture is the photographic challenge I was looking for. Thanks for the inspirational seminar.

Greg Gorman's session was fabulous!

Bob Coates was excellent! I've already done a few of his ideas & now have more to keep my momentum going! He's so real!

Andrew Darlow's session was the most info packed, well organized, participant friendly workshop of the whole conference.

Great show! Hurry back!