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Making Magic: Kirk Amyx's Delectable Digital Still Life Images

Generally, Amyx has a week or two notice before a shoot. After capture, images are sent electronically to a retouching station where post-production work begins.

"We present preliminary prints to the client onsite for any recommended changes they may have," explains Amyx. The following day, all post-production is completed, the file is burned onto a CD, and a copy is sent to the client with a color-balanced print from his Epson Stylus Pro 4000. Amyx generally works in RGB until the very end, then delivers a CMYK file to clients.

The Personal Touch

To counterbalance the demands of commercial projects, Amyx has been creating a series of still-life images at Garrison's Antiques and Surplus in Williams, California.

"The owners let me set up a studio in an empty back room, and pick through their antiques and industrial surplus to produce my photos," he says. At first, the images were more formal compositions that combine organic and found objects, such as Pomagranetes (right) and Tomatillos (left). More recently, they've become more elaborate and whimsical.

Amyx thinks all commercial images eventually will be captured digitally, but sees no change in the fundamentals: "Flawless execution of your craft, personal vision, perseverance, and strong marketing and relationship-building skills."

Indeed, your quintessential stand-out imagemaker.

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Kirk Amyx's Gear Box

Medium-Format Camera
Mamiya 645 Pro

Large-Format Camera
Sinar 4x5 w/ Kapture Group digital adapter

Digital Camera Backs
Imacon FlexFrames 3020 and 4040

Digital Camera
Canon D60 (personal use)

Speedotron strobes
Photoflex softboxes

Digital Darkroom
Apple Mac G5 and G4s
Apple Mac PowerBook G4
LaCie 22" Displays
LaCie external hard drives
GretagMacbeth Eye-One Pro, Profile Maker Pro
ColorEyes 20/20 profiling software
Adobe Photoshop CS
Extensis Portfolio 7
Epson Stylus Pro 4000 printer
Fujifilm Pictrography 3000 printer
Imacon Flextight Precision Scanner

Fatif Studio stands
Bogen tripods
Matthews C-stand