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Online Only: Pro Products Previewed At Photokina

The 2004 photokina, the ‘world of imaging' was filled with a variety of new product introductions, for both film and digital photography. On the high end, there were a range of new digital SLRs and medium format digital backs, lenses, flashes, and other accessories. Notable was Hall 10.1, entirely devoted to imaging software, with first time exhibitors Microsoft and Extensis; as well as Hall 8.2, where mobile imaging companies Nokia and Deutsche Telekom exhibited for the first time ever at a photokina. Other companies—Sony Ericsson and Samsung showed new camera-phones at their respective booths. Read on for some of the many professional product introductions SP&D saw on display at photokina…


CANON EOS-1Ds Mark II CREO Leaf Aptus Digital Back

CANON ( showed its latest digital SLR introduction, the EOS 1Ds Mark II, with 16.7-megapixels in resolution. The camera is the successor to the 11.1 MP EOS-1Ds. The 1Ds Mark II utilizes a full-size CMOS sensor, eliminating focal length conversion. Features of the camera include: Canon's proprietary DIGIC II image processor; choice of seven color spaces; and four frames-per-second shooting at full resolution for bursts of up to 32 JPEGS or 11 RAW images.

All of the camera's settings can now be saved to a memory card and shared with multiple cameras, for convenience. The camera is compatible with Canon's EX-series Speedlites, E-TTL, and Canon EF lenses, except EF-S lenses.

The camera is also compatible with the new optional Wireless File Transmitter (WFT-E1) for wireless transmission of images via a wired or wireless local area network (LAN). The transmitter will also be compatible with the EOS-1D Mark II and the EOS 20D DSLRs via a firmware upgrade.

CREO ( introduced the new Leaf Aptus digital camera back. The Leaf Aptus product line includes the 17MP Leaf Aptus 17 and 22MP Leaf Aptus 22. The digital backs integrate a new compressed RAW HDR (CHDR) file format. Images can be stored directly to the 20GB Leaf Digital Magazine, depending upon back configuration or to an external FireWire drive. The Leaf Aptus features a touch screen, graphic user interface, and wireless display technology.

FUJIFILM ( highlighted the FinePix S3 Pro digital SLR and its professional line of films along with the company's entire product range. The products that Fujfilm introduced at photokina were all products that had been introduced in the U.S. earlier this year.

EASTMAN KODAK ( announced significant refinements to the software and firmware for its Kodak Professional DCS Pro SLR cameras providing enhanced performance and workflow through faster processes. Upgraded versions of Kodak's DCS Photo Desk software v4.3 and DCS Camera Manager software as well as a new version of the ERI File Format Module.


HASSELBLAD ( formally introduced its future strategic vision to the industry at photokina, following its acquisition of Imacon. Hasselblad introduced its new H1D camera at the show. The H1D incorporates a 22 MP sensor and a hard drive capacity of 850 full resolution images in the portable image bank. The H1 cross-platform camera allows photographers to use either film backs; or Hasselblad Ixpress 132C or 528C digital camera backs through the use of an i-Adapter. Three new lenses were also introduced for the H1 in 100mm, 120mm and 300mm focal lengths. The H System CF lens adapter lets you use older C-type lenses on the H1.

JENOPTIK LASER, OPTIK, SYSTEME GMBH ( expanded its product range with the addition of the Eyelike eMotion22, mobile digital camera back, providing up to 22 MP in resolution. The camera back was designed for use outside the studio, and uses less power than other Eyelike models designed for studio shooting. Jenoptik also introduced a new version of Eyelike capture basic software.


KONICA MINOLTA ( unveiled the new Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D DSLR, offering 6.1 MP in resolution and featuring a unique body-integral CCD-shift, Anti-Shake technology; in which the camera shifts the CCD to compensate for camera motion. Because the system is built into the DSLR body, it works with virtually all Maxxum AF lenses. The camera features Konica Minolta's CxProcess III image processing and all-new Advanced LSI engine for improved camera responsiveness and control.

Konica Minolta also introduced two new zooms—17-35mm and 28-75mm—incorporating Konica Minolta's Advanced Distance Integration (ADI) flash metering.

LEICA ( introduced its Digital-Modul-R, 10MP, 35mm digital back for its R8 and R9 film-based SLRs. The image sensor's active area is 26.4mmx17.6mm, with a 1.37x focal length magnification factor. File formats include RAW, TIFF, and 2 JPEG compression levels. The system allows you to the ability to shoot film or digital with an R8 or R9 SLR.


MAMIYA ( introduced the ZD and ZD Back. Both feature 22MP image sensors and compatibility with Mamiya's 645 AF lens mount. The ZD Back is compatible with the 645AFD and RZ67 Pro IID medium format cameras.

The ZD and ZD Back offer dual media card slots, RAW and JPEG file formats, FireWire connectivity and two color spaces. Mamiya's Digital Photo Studio software allows users to connect the ZD and ZD Back to computer via FireWire connection to control many of the camera's operations from the computer.

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