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But, she says, that's not to say digital technology doesn't have wonderful applications for film photographers. "I use for online proofing, which has been a huge hit with clients and generated a lot of reprint sales that wouldn't otherwise happen. It's a great marketing tool. My film is batch-scanned by my lab during processing and I upload my favorite images to the website."

She loves her Nikon F100 cameras for their lightweight, quiet features, and built-in metering. Banfield uses Kodak's Portra series for great resolution and the ability to choose between a "vivid" saturation and a "natural" saturation for different situations, yet still get the same general look for the wedding as a whole. For her B&W shots, she uses Ilford XP2, HP5, and Delta 3200.

When it comes to life beyond her studio, Banfield's "people" part is most important. "When you have a thriving business and a crazy travel schedule, there is nothing like family to keep the wind in your sails," she says. "I'm grateful to my husband, who provided the initial support for me to quit my job to become a photographer and now pitches in for a million different things that keep our personal and professional lives happy."

This people person knows what matters.

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Liz Banfield's Gear Box

35mm Camera
Nikon F100 with 35mm f/2.0; 50mm f/1.4; 85mm f/1.8; 24-120; 80-200 f/2.8 Nikkor lenses

Medium-Format Cameras
Contax 645 AF w/45 and 80mm lenses
Holga cameras

Nikon SB-28 Speedlight
Quantum Battery Pack
Dyna-Lite UniJr 400w strobe heads

Kodak Portra series
Ilford XP2, HP5 Plus, and Delta 3200

Digital Darkroom
Adobe Photoshop CS
Epson Perfection 2450 Photo scanner
PowerMacintosh G3 (upgradinig soon)
Hitachi 16" screen

Online Proofing

Fast Foto Edina (Minneapolis, MN)

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