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Assignment: Olympics

ALLEN KEE, owner of Allen Kee Photographic and senior sports photographer for Wire Image in New York, was assigned by People magazine to capture portraits and action shots. "It was my first Olympics, but I had done several portraits and features with Olympic athletes previously," says Kee. In Athens, he and his assistant focused on U.S. six-time gold-medal swimmer Michael Phelps (portrait at left), U.S. men's track and field events, and men's and women's gymnastics.

Being in more than one place at once proved to be Kee's greatest challenge. "One day I shot five portraits at different locations," he recalls. He shot portraits with his Mamiya RZ Pro II bodies, Kodak film, and four cases of Profoto lighting equipment. "I used Kodak Portra 100UC because skin tone reproduction is very important to People magazine," explains Kee. "I also shot with Portra 160NC, which produced very accurate skin tones, and loved the latitude Tri-X gave my black & white images."

For his action shots, Kee used all Canon bodies, film and digital, plus Canon telephoto lenses: 200mm 1.8, 300mm 2.8, 400mm 2.8, and 500mm 4.0.

"Transmitting high-res files to meet our editorial deadlines was relatively quick and easy with the help of the Kodak Imaging Center, which provided many services for photographers, including processing film and digital files."

Despite 16 days of logistical challenges, our five reporting photographers told SP&D covering the Olympics was well worth it. "I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world," Timacheff says. "After all, it was the Olympic Games. In Athens."


Kodak Plays Significant Role at Summer Games

As official imaging sponsor at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics, Eastman Kodak Company offered a host of services prior to and during the Games. The company supplied the Olympic Polyclinic, the Olympic Village's healthcare clinic, with technologies allowing radiologists to electronically send digital X-ray images, CT scans, and other medical images to specialists at University Hospital in metropolitan Athens. Kodak also printed more than 350,000 security badges and 80,000 visa credentials.

At the Kodak Image Center, the company provided photojournalists with onsite image-rich output, producing postcards and poster-sized prints of key images for display purposes.

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