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Chris Collins Works His Digital Magic

Collins used a 90mm lens on a 4x5 Toyo View G camera with a 1-foot bank light for the spoons. Then using his Hasselblad EL/M with a 50mm lens he stood back to simulate the angle. Collins then bounced light off the ceiling to simulate the bank lighting in the spoons shot.

Lighting was also a key element in his image of a bottle of Crown Royal in a hammock on a tropical beach (below).

"We did a series of pictures for Crown Royal. For this one, we had a beach diorama made by Clockwork Apple. We placed the bottle in the hammock and lit the entire scene, but since the hammock wouldnt let us really light the bottle properly, we went back in, took out the hammock, and suspended the bottle by itself in the same space to get the right lighting coming through the bottle," notes Collins.

With his studio and website operating at peak levels, his seven portfolios and library up to date with superb Epson watercolor prints, one might think Collins and his team would take some time to coast a bit. Not so.

Says Collins: "Now comes the fun. Its time to go back through the idea files weve been building over the years and fish out a few potential winners. A new technique, or possibly a fresh 'big idea that well produce next. Whatever we do, this is the essence of what I love about photography."

Stay tuned to see what images join Collins fleet of flying frogs and mice pilots.

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Chris Collins' Gear Box

Large-Format Camera
Toyo View G 4x5
Toyo View G 8x10

Medium-Format Camera
Hasselblad EL/M

Digital Camera
Nikon D70

Kodak Ektachrome EPP
Fuji RDP Provia 100

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 GSM

Speedotron 2401A and 4803 packs
Speedotron 102A heads

Digital Darkroom
Apple Mac G4s
ColorVision SpyderPRO with OptiCAL Epson Stylus Photo1270 printer
Epson 1680 Expression flatbed scanner
Adobe Photoshop CS
QuarkXpress 6.0

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