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For a recent shoot for a licensee of Revlon hair care products, the art director wasn't present but sent the list of shots with the brand managers. "The client needed images of different hairstyles depending on the product: curling iron, blow dryer, and wave iron. Since there were no layouts, I shot verticals and horizontals against a white background, designing images as I shot, to lay copy down on the right or the left, bottom or top."

He shot stills with his Pentax RZ67 as his main camera, his Canon EOS-1Ds as back-up. Two video cameras were anchored and monitored remotely by cameramen, framing shots at Siqueiros' direction.

"We created many images in various positions, giving the absent art director multiple options in final layouts to choose from."

Go With The Flow
Much as a jazz musician jams with the band, Siqueiros is known for approaching assignments with both skill and spontaneity—a freestyling spirit, open to new ideas.

One self-assignment involved a new Polaroid transparency film. "I knew a model who needed pictures and I wanted to try out an experimental concept and the new film." So he and the model headed for the beach; it was a cloudy day.

"On one image, where the model is bare-chested, I inserted the words 'Cover It' (p. 14, bottom) to symbolize the need for protecting the skin. On a shot where he's in the waves, I inserted the words 'Cool It' (p. 15, top) to symbolize the need to de-stress." The shoot was a success for the model and his portfolio. . .

Promoting The Look
In addition to his website,, Siqueiros publishes mini sites within his domain to feature new work— (Tanqueray) and (Halston Unbound). He has a listing on and subscribes to Video is at
"The Web has unparalleled distribution capabilities that let you into people's personal space without invading it because they can delete, ignore, or respond as they like. Four times a year is enough to remind art directors and clients about your work— without becoming a 'spamming headache.'"

Whether he's shooting inland or seaside, here or abroad, still or video, for Siqueiros it's all about spontaneity, trust, and the quality of light—and life.


David Michael Siqueiros' Gear Box

Medium-Format Camera
Pentax RZ67 with 180mm lens

Digital Camera
Canon EOS-1Ds with 135mm f/1.8 lens


Digital Darkroom
Apple PowerMac G5 with Cinema Display,
Apple Mac G4 laptop, G5 iMac (on the way)
Nikon LS200 film scanner
Agfa DuoScan T1200 flatbed scanner
LaCie FireWire drives
Xerox Docucolor 12 with EX12 Fiery
Adobe CS: Photoshop and Illustrator

Tenba duffle (20 years young!)
Billingham shoulder bag
Pelican carry-on with wheels
Manfrotto tripod
Canon PowerShot A60
Brewer-Cantelmo portfolio cases
Nokia 6600 videophone

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