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Super Seniors

Since this was only the second summer in their new second location, in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, they hit the area with three postcards and one feature mailer. How'd they do? Between the two locations, the studio will near its goal of 1,500 seniors this year.

SUMMER SPECIALS & SLIDE SHOWS THE GRENIERS (, of Holyoke, Massachusetts, is a multi-generation portrait business owned by brothers Larry, Dan, Marc, and Chris Grenier-with founder Dad: Bob, and Mom: Helene Sauve Grenier still very much a part of the operation.

(right). Humor and 'outrageous antics' help to get those great expressions."

Their best sellers this year are "summer specials," two of which include wall-size portraits, a generous portion of wallets, mid-sizes, a showcase portfolio of eight different poses, and frames. Most customers also add a matching frame for the portfolio, custom-made for The Greniers by Albums, Inc.

Each spring, the studio generates excitement among the next year's seniors with a slide presentation. "These shows build relationships that last through senior year and beyond." With The Greniers going all digital for 2004 seniors, innovations are sure to follow.

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU WOODARD PHOTOGRAPHIC, INC. (, with five studios in Ohio, combines traditional film with digital capture and 100 percent digital printing. "Our all-inclusive packages have been a big hit, says division president Marc Woodard, "because they mix B&W and color images with some of

While they still offer previews-color-corrected, watermarked, and printed on photographic paper-Woodard now offers free online viewing, a big hit with computer-savvy seniors.

And as the "retro" look began to make a big comeback, the studio began creating digital products, sets, and backgrounds showcasing B&W photography (left).

"Nearly 45 percent of our senior orders have some B&W product or imagery," says Woodard. "Vendors like Taprell Loomis and Culver have been extremely helpful in designing and customizing products to meet our needs."

"Going digital doesn't mean sacrificing quality going wild on graphics," says Woodard. "Our digital designs add to the crisp, clean, quality-driven imagery we're known for."

With the 2004 marketing campaign, "It's all about you," Woodard stays true to its policy of treating seniors as adults and letting them make many of the decisions about their portraits.

A winning strategy if there ever was one.