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MAGIA: Hollywood's Post Production House Makes Digital Magic

Carlo Dalla Chiesa, who photographed Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet CD, publicity campaign for Island/Def Jam Records, and Toni Braxton's CD and promo packaging for Arista, feels the fun part of being a photographer is working with an array of talented teams. His other loves: film ("Film processing is still one of the ingredients of my creativity")and simple lighting ("Every project is different, but I use just one light source and a Pro Big 5 umbrella.")

His clients include Mariah, Island/Def Jam, Matrix/L'Oreal, and a slew of national and international magazines.

Today's Hits

In addition to the positive buzz they earn from clients, Magia sustains its company profile with direct mail promos, ads in key trade publications and directories, and by researching and contacting potential clients. The company website,, is a powerful marketing and production tool. Perhaps the most compelling bit of Magia magic is the website's flash message:

"Sometimes even the best images can use an extra (re)touch of magic." That's Magia. V

When Creative Nails gave Alberto and Francesca creative control of this campaign, they suggested body painting images. The client loved the idea.

The Jafra Cosmetics image of model Carrie Otis captures the beauty line's natural feel. In post-production, the skin and natural lighting were perfected, so the color of the makeup in the ad would match the product's actual color.

MAGIA, TOLOT & Dalla Chiesa Gear Box

Medium-Format Cameras

Mamiya RZ67s with

90, 140, and 160mm lenses



Available light


Kodak 400 VC and 160 NC

Digital Darkroom

Mac G4 & brand-new G5 workstations

Dell Pentium 4

100 base-T LAN

Quantum 120GB RAID 5 file server

High-speed SDSL Internet connection

Barco, LaCie, Mitsubishi, Sony monitors

Gretag Macbeth Eye-One Pro

Daylight-controlled viewing areas

Imacon Flextight Precision II

Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Adobe InDesign and Illustrator

Extensis Portfolio

Epson 9600 printer

Fujifilm Pictrography 4000 and 4500


Jean Gardner & Associates (Tolot's rep)

Pandora (Chiesa's rep)

Corbis Outline (celebrity editorial stock)

Tenba gear bag

DVDs and Toast (for archiving)

Motorola cell phones