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Absolutely Avenaim

The Business of Being

Avenaim goes over every detail with the editor days before a shoot, making sure everything is securethe studio, location, permits, equipment. Then his assistants double-check him. "Be prepared or be prepared to fail," he says.

Then either his agent, Wendy Schneider, or Avenaim follows up with a phone call. "You have to be tenacious but not pushy. It's a fine line we walk."

As a catharsis, he focuses on soul-cleansing personal works, including three books: Naked Truth, Kindred Spirits, and a how-to book on photography. He's also begun to enjoy lecturing.

"I was recently a guest at an L.A. workshop. We had fun debating intellectual property law and my style of lighting and metering a white seamless setup. Can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday night? My beautiful wife can." Absolutely Avenaim . . .

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35mm Cameras
Contax TVS (for snapshots)
Canon EOS-1N
Medium-Format Cameras
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II system
Pentax 6x7 bodies for mobility
Hasselblad 6x6 and Contax 645
(both rented)

Large-Format Camera
Linhof 4x5 Kardan with Schneider lenses
Sinar 8x10 (rented)

Digital Cameras
Canon G2 (for snapshots and castings)
Canon EOS D60
Higher-end cameras & backs
(rented as needed)

Specialty Cameras
Rolleiflex 2.8F TLR with Zeiss optics and Rollinar filters
Polaroid 180 with Portrait kit

Kodak EPP, E200, Portra

Speedotron packs with 102 heads, Chimera softboxes,
Mole Richardson 2K Juniors, Lowel DP kit,
Profoto, Elinchron Octolight & Kinoflo
(all rented)

Macintosh G4 towers
Post production: Bowhaus
Retouching: D Space /Tracy Bayne
Color labs: Fleshtone, ICON
B&W labs: Photo Impact,
Nardulli, and Silverlab