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Make Your Studio Hum

In this phase protecting your copyright is essential. If anything leaves your studio, be sure to encrypt and/or watermark your images. Educate your customers about copyright and what rights they do and don't have.


Once your client has seen their images and is ready to place an order, you're in the final phase. Now is the time to pull up the original RAW images and process them. Start with the largest image size your camera natural creates, then use actions and batch processing to reduce your time in Photoshop. By shooting consistently, you can use actions to size, color correct, and package your images.

When the image processing is complete, you can either print them on your own equipment or send them to your lab. When the prints come back you are ready to quality check and package them for delivery. Now you can backup the files used for the final order and remove the client's images from your computers.

Congratulations! you've successfully implemented a bulletproof workflow for your studio.

Dan Harlacher is digital imaging consultant in Portland, Oregon. His clients include Fujifilm, Dr. Martin's Airwair, Enfocus, Mentor Graphics, and many professional photographers and artists. He is working on his first book, A Practical Guide to Color Management. You can contact him through his website,