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ImageTracker Pro

We take the printer with us to every event in our 7'x20' trailer. While output varies with the venue, on average we'll create 600-700 8x10 units per outing. During a typical school pictures day, we'll print 2,500 units.

Printing school picture packages is a test for any printer. All of the packages are ripped automatically by the software and keep the printer running full speed.

For our high school senior portrait sessions, we're able to proof the session and send previews home with the client in just 40 minutes, which has increased our senior business volume, shortened our turnaround time, and brought proofing costs in line.

Youth sports, corporate outings, music festivals, and school dances are a natural fit for the Kodak Professional ML-500. Printing onsite means a great addition to what we can offer our customers. Software like Imageware PC Pro and School Days Plus help create unique graphics and render packages quickly. School dances printed onsite build business because of the quick turnaround time.

For total control of your images, fast delivery, low per-unit cost, and low maintenance, the ML-500 is tops.

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