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Hard Driving Digital Man

When his students ask him how they too can get up to speed with Photoshop and digital imaging, his advice is clear: the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turner's Falls, Massa-chusetts. "Their one year course is all you need."

Lynch recently shot his friend's five-foot iguana, Iggy, digitally, that is. "I was at his house and realized, 'This thing's a dinosaur, I want to photograph him!' So he brought him over and I set up a white sweep and shot him with the MegaVision S2. I took a very high-res closeup of a PC board with the T2 and layered them together in Photoshop. I adjusted opacity and did layer blends, basically painting the image as an artist would."

Lynch, the Corporation

While marketing himself through postcards, and emails, Lynch gets a great amount of work through word of mouth. But it's his hardy work ethic that drives him in the lean times.

"Somebody told me years ago. I think it was Clint: 'You're a corporation and every day you have to do something for your corporation.' That made sense to me, because if you want to make a living at this, you've got to work at it."

Lynch, the corporation, is definitely positioned for success. Kind of like Lynch himself.

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Medium-Format Cameras
Mamiya 645
Pentax 67

Large-Format Camera
Sinar F

Digital Backs
MegaVision S2 and T2

Digital Darkroom
Macintosh G4s
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Gateway PC
Polaroid 120 scanner
Epson 1200 and Stylus 800 printer
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