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The right pose is extremely important. Never let the sun streak across a face or nose. Look for overhangs to block raccoon eyes. Kirk Voclain
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Weve always felt the best consumer trend is to give unparalleled customer service. There is no complaint area here; its called take care of the problem immediately. Michael Ayers
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Keep your head out of the sand. Dont try to be like the teens, but figure out exactly what it is they like and want. Kalen Henderson
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Analyze their mannerisms and provoke expressions that you notice. Make their parents go, Ah, Ive seen that look before. Claude Gagnon
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The multi-image wallets are great for marketing, too. Often, Ayers makes a few extras, backs them with a magnet, and gives them to seniors to stick up in their lockers to provoke word-of-mouth. The trick to that, says Ayers, "is you have to weigh what you 'give' away." For example, customers are offered a complimentary "family portrait session," which includes a number of free prints, but parents always end up buying more.

Bionic women and Harley-Davidsons aside, this year, it's what seniors want, seniors get. According to Ayers, most kids would get laughed at if they went to a studio and said they wanted to be photographed with their horse. He says, "Let's go! Where's the horse?"