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Abandoned America
Steve Gottleib

Through photographs and text, Steve Gottleib presents Abandoned America (Sleeping Bear Press; ISBN: 1-58536-105-4), a poignant look at the lost and forgotten objectshouses and barns, cars and trucks, factories and equipment, signs and facadesbefore they vanish from our American landscape. "I have tried to preserve their spiritto bestow upon them a flicker of immortality," says Gottleib. More than a nostalgic adventure into our nation's past, the book is also a journey across its magnificent geography.

In the summer of 2001, 18 students and one professor from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, journeyed to Cuba as part of the school's Visual Journalism program. They returned home with a huge collection of photos, and a passion for a country that has been mostly isolated from the U.S. Their images, documenting Cuba, its people, and culture have been published in Cuba: Framing Time (Brooks Institute of Photography; ISBN: 09718622-0-6).

Polaroid Manipulations (Amphoto Books; ISBN: 0-8174-5555-8), by Kathleen Thormod Carr, is a complete visual guide to creating SX-70 manipulations, transfers, and digital prints. With the growing interest in alternative photographic processes, especially Polaroid techniques such as image and emulsion transfer, Carr gives us one of the most detailed guides yet to mastering this area of photographic art.

In The Spirit of Family
Al and Tipper Gore

In her new book, Photo-Imaging, A Complete Guide to Alternative Processes (Amphoto Books; ISBN: 0-8174-5399-7) Jill Enfield provides clear instructions and step-by-step photographs, explaining B&W infrared film, digital infrared images, liquid emulsion prints, enlarged and digital negatives, platinum and palladium prints, handpainting B&W photos, and other processes.

In The Spirit of Family (Henry Holt & Co.; ISBN: 0-8050-6894-5), Al and Tipper Gore gather over 250 photographs by celebrated photographers and bright newcomers to illustrate the varied and complex tapestry of family life in America.

Tom Zimberoff's Photography: Focus on Profit (Allworth Press; ISBN: 1-58115-059-8) is a comprehensive guide to the industry's best practices. Created in conjunction with PhotoByte, a business automation program distributed free of charge, the book provides a blueprint to incorporating porfitability into the business process.