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2003 Lab & Imaging Services Directory

Company Clientele Standard Film Services Standard Digital Services Special Equipment/Services Days/Hours (Local Time) Years in Business Trade Show Participation Web Address

Academy Productions
6100 Orr Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28213
Tel: 800/421-3523
Fax: 704/596-4482

Professional school, day care, church, fundraisers and sports portrait photographers 120, 220, 46mm, 1/2 70 mm Scanning, printing, photo CDs Zeta high-speed digital printer, Lucht high-speed package printers Monday-Thursday, 7:30-6 30 years N/A A&I Photographic and Digital Services
1016 N. Sycamore Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90038 Tel: 323/856-5280
Fax: 323/867-8587 Professional imagemakers: commercial, fashion, etc. 35mm, 11x14 Scanning, printing, proofing, color matching & calibration Digital workstations, digital retouching, Lightjet printing, Iris printing, Kodachrome processing, seven locations Monday-Friday, 7-2am
Sat., 12-7, Sun., 2-10 25 years Photo LA

Apollo Photo Imagizing
5330 West Electric Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53219
Tel: 414/545-1270
Fax: 414/545-7049

All sizes of portrait and wedding photographers, corporations, agencies, and creative service businesses. C-41 color and B&W processing for 35mm through 8x10, machine prints to 40"x50", mural prints up to 30'x60', texturing, mounting, coating, canvas and laminating Digital camera and scanning file inputs, photo retouching, artwork, restorations, direct printing on c-paper, trans, flex, metallic, day/night up to 50", water-color prints, Proshots Fuji flatbed, Kodak HR500 scanners, Durst Lamda, Kodak RP30 digital printers, HP 5000 inkjet, custom traditional prints up to 30'x6', hydraulic texturizing press for finishing services. Monday-Friday, 8:30-5 34 years WPPI, National PPA, SPI, many state and regional conventions, Exhibitor Shows, Global Shop, Shop East AutumnColor Digital Imaging
70 Webster Street, Floor 2
Worcester, MA 01603-1963
Tel: 800/533-5050
Fax: 508/757-2216 Fine Art photographers, digital artists, high-end portrait studios and commercial clients. N/A Archival photographic prints from original transparencies, negatives, prints, or digital files from 8x10" to 4x8', high end drum scanning, file transfers via FTP site, finishing Drum scanner to create digital files, a Light Jet digital enlarger, and archival photographic paper, closed loop color management system Monday-Friday, 9-5 4 years hoto Plus Expo, sometimes NANPA, PMA

BB Pro Photo Lab
1209 Sunset Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45205
Tel: 513/251-6131
Fax: 513/251-6132 Fax: 513/251-6132

Small to high-end portrait and wedding studios, small ad/creative agencies, output for 2 Fortune 500 companies, medical imaging services 35mm, 120/220 Scanning, printing, photo CDs, 20" output, Online submission early 60" inkjet, laminating, Express Digital Monday-Friday, 7:30-5 40 years N/A Better Images Photo Center
6159 Brandt Pike
Huber Heights, OH 45424
Tel: 937/236-3409
Fax: 937/236-9865 Sports and wedding photographers, portrait studios Digital files, 35mm, 645, 6x6 Photo CD, prints from digital files Quick service, fast turnaround, Kodak pro paper, free shipping for qualified accounts Monday-Friday, 9-6 4 years N/A Bokland Custom Visuals|
122 Industrial Park Road
Albany, NY 12206
Tel: 518/482-3137
Fax: 518/482-4337
Portrait, commercial, etc., a mix that caters to photographers' needs E-6, all formats, C-41, 35mm, and 120 Online submissions, scanning, printing, photo CDs Online print sales for professional and fine art photographers, large-format printers, laminating machines and more Monday-Thursday, 8-5:30
Friday,8-5 45 years Possibly PMA Buckeye Color Lab
5143 Stoneham Road
North Canton, OH 44714
Tel: 330/499-0695
Fax: 330/499-7403 Large, medium, and small portrait and wedding studios Processing medium format, 35mm, 70mm (split/full), full archival B&W lab Digital output from film and file, long-roll scanning, digital retouch, large-format digital StudioMaster Pro, Frontier and Chromira Monday-Friday, 8:30-5 30 years Imaging USA, SPI, PPA Seniors & Marketing Mgmt, WPPI, Mid-Eastern States, OH Fall Show, PPA Family and Children, NC, SC, SEPPA Burrell Professional Labs
1311 Merrillville Road
Crown Point, IN 46307
Tel: 800/348-8732
Fax: 219/662-0915
Small-to-large professional portrait studios & wedding photographers, digital underclass and event photographers 4x5 sheet film to 35mm, mostly 120 and 220; C-41, E-6, B&W Direct-to-paper printing, watercolor, greeting cards, Smart Path studio presentation software system, ProShots, underclass and event digital work, online image ordering Hands-on studio support from national sales force, marketing promotions, co-op advertising programs, financial expertise,educational opportunities, 9 locations across the USA Monday-Friday, 8:30-5 43 years All major national shows and state shows in trade show areas Color-Tech Imaging
3424 Sheridan Drive
Amherst, NY 14226
Tel: 800/388-0214
Fax: 716/838-0729 Wedding, portrait, and commercial photographers 4x5 sheet film to 35mm, mostly 120 and 220; C-41, E-6, B&W Scanning, LED digital output, Kodak wedding and portrait CD Kodak LED output, Noritsu 2711 digital printer with Kodak DCS software, 3 locations Monday-Friday, 9-5 20 years PPANE, PPO Mid-Eastern, PPSNY CPQ Professional Imaging
550 Industrial Drive
Cleveland, TN 37311
Tel: 423/479-6186
Fax: 423/479-2489
Professional wedding, portrait, digital & school photographers 35mm Professional, 120, 8x10, 4x5 Full service digital, accepts film, digital files and hybrid services ProShots, full service digital printing and scanning, web-hosted proofs and reprints Monday-Friday, 8-6 29 years N/A Creative Juices Printing & Graphics Inc.