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He Shoots, He Scores!

"Each event is like a mini-play with a beginning, middle, and end, and all the human emotions pathos, frustration, redemption, joy, anger, love, and hate."


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Rookie Goes Pro

A photographer for 26 years, Covatta got hooked on photography the first time he developed "a blurry B&W picture of a park fountain that magically appeared as I gently rocked the developing tray of chemicals back and forth." When a photo he submitted to the Courier-Journal wound up on the front page with his photo credit, he would later call it "a defining moment." Covatta went on to become the sole shooter for the smallest daily in Kentucky, worked for two papers in Central Illinois, then was hired by the Orange County Register in Santa Ana, Calfornia, which had just won a Pulitzer for its photo coverage of the 1984 L.A. Olympics.

"That's where I learned lighting, how to shoot color film, and where I got to shoot major league sports on a regular basis." Eventually, he landed the position of chief photographer for The National Sports Daily, where Neil Leifer, the legendary Sports Illustrated photographer, served as director of photography.

"Each time Leifer called with an assignment, he would tell me to have fun, praise me when I hit a home run, or gently scold me if I didn't quite do what was expected."

Ironically, it was the demise of the fledgling National Sports Daily, where Covatta refined his craft, that ultimately freed him to pursue his dream of becoming a freelance photographer.

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