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Paul Aresu

What's beyond the horizon for Aresu? "Let's face it: digital is coming around the bend," he observes. "Photographers are capturing almost everything on digital today. But as the world goes deeper into digital, I'm going further into analog. Sure, I shoot some digital, but I feel it's riding a wave that some day may break on the shore."
Although he's not big on digital capture yet, Aresu scans every one of his images and performs a great deal of digital manipulation. "Ryan Jacobsen, our digital artist, scans each image on the Imacon FlexTight. These high-res scans are so good you can't tell the difference between those done right on the desktop and those made on a high-end drum scanner. He's also a wiz at PhotoShop 6.0. I have only Epson prints in my portfolio."
Speaking of portfolios, Aresu's primo marketing tool—that is, aside from his satisfied clients—is his portfolio. And because tastes change and work evolves during the course of a year, a rite of spring at the Aresu studio is replacing images that have been eclipsed by newer, cooler ones.
A savvy marketer, Aresu expands his reach through the Black Book, Workbook, and through his website,
The website's functionality goes way beyond marketing. It serves as a conduit between him and his clients. Explains Aresu, "Art directors send us thumbnail comps over the Web all the time. We prepare estimates based on the comps and get back to them."
He's also gearing up to do digital casting over the Web. "Within months, we'll be sending images of models via email to art directors and clients. The potential for time saving, convenience, and cost cutting is enormous."
Both student and teacher at the Sante Fe Workshops, Aresu lectures year-round for Mamiya, Canon, and Kodak. And for the past six years, he's taught lighting courses at Manhattan's Parsons School of Design. After taking off the spring semester for the birth of his second child, Aresu returns to Parsons in the fall to teach his first digital capture course. Way to go, Super Analog-man.

Paul Aresu's
Gear Box

Canon EOS-1N

Mamiya RZ67


Kodak Ektachrome E100VS, EPP,
EPT 160T, Kodak E200
Kodak Portra 160VC
Kodak Plus-X Pan

Mac G4
Imacon FlexTight scanner
Epson 1280 Color Photo Printer
Adobe Photoshop 6.0