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It's All Digital At PMA 2004

Also shown at the Konica Minolta booth will be the recently introduced Photo Link kiosk, a countertop system that will serve a preview and select function for the digital consumer and connect to a KM lab for output. Price about $6,000.

Pixel Magic’s new kiosks will feature a new printer, new software and new media incorporated into the iStation system.

PIXEL MAGIC: Adds Two New iStationKiosks Featuring “Pixel Perfect Pictures”

Pixel Magic Imaging is re-arranging its iStation model lineup with the addition of two models, iStation 150 and 250, that will offer a new feature that George Briggs, CEO, calls Pixel Perfect Pictures.

According to George, PPP is the result of a new printer, new software and new media that is incorporated into the iStation system. He said that the system will be able to auto correct every image for density, shadow detail, red-eye removal and color accuracy. Both units will feature Pixel’s One Touch print system, found previously only on the iStation 100-which is being retained in the line while the model 200 is being replaced.

The two new units will also be equipped with Bluetooth and infrared technology in order to receive images from a camera phone which George feels “will be a very big market which could have an impact on one-time-use cameras.”

The new Megapixel III printer, used in both the 150 and 250, will be able to output prints in 11 seconds after the first print is delivered which could take either five or 19 seconds, depending on the model. The new dye-sub media, made for Pixel by Dai Nippon, is proprietary to the Megapixel printer, according to George. One roll of media will yield about 410 prints and the cost per 4x6 print will be 26-cents.

George said that the model 150, at $8,995, will output 4x6, accept all digital media and burn CDs. The 250, at $7,495, does not come with a printer as it is designed to connect to a minilab for output.

Pixel is also announcing a Print-To-Store program that will allow consumers to upload images from home and have them printed at their local Pixel-equipped retailer. Pixel will provide the software to the dealer. Retailers will use their own website with the images moving through Pixel’s server directly to the store. There are annual and per order fees for a dealer tying into the program.

Olympus’ kiosks can now print to fit a variety of frames as well as in sizes for pressing onto mugs and T-shirts.

OLYMPUS: An Upgraded True Print Kiosk Offers the Retailer Photo Frame Templates

Olympus has added a new wrinkle to the photo kiosk business by incorporating software that will output prints in the exact sizes required for mounting in a variety of existing frames.

For example, a Burnes of Boston 10x13 frame, model 115013, has a mat with seven cutouts: two ovals (one vertical, one horizontal), three squares of two different sizes, one vertical print and one horizontal print. Joe Leo, Olympus’s kiosk engineering director, said that the new True Print kiosk software will have a template matching this frame. All a customer has to do, he said, is select the seven prints from the kiosk’s monitor screen and indicate where each print is to be positioned in the collage frame.

The printer will output the various prints on one sheet of wide-format, inkjet paper in the proper size and shape to match that frame’s openings. They will have to be manually trimmed after printing. The software will allow for the printing of such shapes as triangles, hearts, circles, etc., depending on the style of frame.

Joe said that it is the plan to have every frame of every manufacturer available for download from an Olympus website. The software will also include templates that will properly size prints for pressing onto mugs and printing to T-shirts.

He feels that an independent lab that has to compete with the big guys has to offer specialty services that can add to profits. He anticipates that by offering this unique print output, dealers will capture frame sales that would measurably increase the average sale from a kiosk customer.