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Dealers Look For Small Gems In Vegas

“We already have a pretty well equipped lab here and we pretty much run the gamut with the services we offer so what we’re looking for are basically replacements for what we already have.”

Frank Ponder’s goals for this year’s show were more general in nature. “We’ll be looking for what we’re always looking for: inspiration, value and new ideas and product,” said Ponder, who runs Bel Air Camera in Los Angeles, CA.

He noted that he was going to keep his eyes open for the latest trends, especially for solutions to “what to do with the digital images once they’re captured.”

“I’m looking for the ‘plug and play,’ concept that either allows consumers to plug-in from home and have their images printed at my store, or to plug-in at the store itself.”

Ponder said he expected digital SLRs to be a continuing trend at PMA 2004. “I would presume Minolta has to announce a digital SLR and I presume Nikon will be showing the D70. As far as Canon, I don’t know which one of the 20 cameras it’s introducing that will be revolutionary, but I’ll wait and see.”

In addition to the merchandise, Ponder is looking forward to the seminars. In fact, he will be co-chairing a seminar on Friday, February 13th at 7 am with Lakeside Camera’s David Guidry on “How to package camera gear for profit.” Ponder said he also hoped to attend Friday’s business session with Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point” as well as the session “Am I the Leader I Need to Be” on Sunday, February 15th with Harold Lloyd.”
When asked whether he expected to find any time to sleep during his busy schedule, Ponder replied: “If I want to sleep, I can go back home. Sleeping’s not what this convention is for.”