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Putting On the Ritz

Ritz said the big question that still remains is "how do retailers coordinate getting pictures from camera phones to printing? Is this a service we deal with the camera phone manufacturers, cellular service companies or photo websites? I think the same question is bothering those groups. In our case, we are talking to certain phone manufactures, some cellular companies and software companies. We also need to figure out, does the required software belong on the phone or on the carrier's site or on our phone site. So far, everyone is trying everything and most camera phone pictures are either trapped on the phones or being shared on the same camera site at best."

He concluded by saying that that the photo specialty retailers can succeed over mass merchants by taking advantage of their strengths. "We can offer so much more than most other channels of distribution. We can offer a large selection of models, accessories, traditional and digital images services and most importantly knowledge. The only reason mass merchants and drug stress hold a large market share, is, there are more stores. I think the future for the photo industry is bright. From the very near future (this holiday season) to the next 5-10 years, we can make photography exciting. I am committed to it, our company is committed to it. It's up all of us to make sure cameras and images don't disappear into the the ‘mass market abyss.'"